Artificial Intelligence for your Cannabis Dispensary

Give your customers new ways to interact with your dispensary with an automated Facebook Messenger bot

 Generate leads, boost sales, seamlessly take orders, and engage customers with MMJGO


Placing orders for delivery or pickup, making payments, and exploring strains, are simple and straightforward tasks, providing customers with a great overall experience.


Teach potential customers about various cannabis strains and products. MMJGO will drip messages to the user every X number of days to give value, build trust, and eventually make the sale.

Why Facebook Messenger?

  • People prefer to use messaging apps to communicate with each other more than email.

  • Facebook Messenger has 1.2 billion monthly active users.

  • The top 4 messaging apps surpassed the amount of monthly active users on social networks.

  • Messenger bots is the ideal medium to educate, build trust, and sell to your customers.

  • It is the most engaging channel with an average of 80% open rates.

  • 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly.


Easy to Use

Chat is the most used service on the Internet and on mobile phones. Customers can place orders and pay directly in Messenger any time.

Reliable Technology

Receive and manage orders in real-time. New orders can be synced with your CRM, delivery platform, spreadsheet, or sent to your email.

Strain Recommendation

Customers can easily receive custom strain recommendations for various moods, medical conditions, and symptoms they suffer from.

Artificial intelligence

Our bots start from principles of artificial intelligence, learn about usage and improve the quality of responses over time.

Acquire Users from Website

We provide you tools to convert your website and Facebook page visitors to your bot subscribers.

Landing Page for Chatbot

We'll provide you with a landing page for your Facebook Messenger bot. You can view an example here.

Want a custom bot for your dispensary?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if it doesn't work as expected?

If you aren't happy with mmjGo we'll refund your money. It's as simple as that. We want customers who love mmjGo and are using it to improve their delivery services & operations. If it isn't working for you, just let us know you need a refund.

How will the preorder work?

You pay for three months up front and you'll get a lifetime discount of 25% off. In addition to that, for supporting us early on, we'll give you one month free.

You can pay now above, then when the first version is ready we'll be in touch to get your new account setup.

Can I change plans later?

Absolutely, you can switch plans at anytime after your mmjGo account is live. Your 25% discount will still apply to the new plan.

When can I start using mmjGo?

Good question. Our goal is to let the early adopters (that's you!) start using it May 1st. Not all the features will be in place, but it will be really useful and let you streamline your cannabis delivery services & operations.

Whats the difference between the Solo, Startup, and Business plans?

The Solo plan is for solo entrepreneurs that needed more powerful tools to manage all delivery operations. On the Startup plan you are given a max of 10 users, and have access to more features, such as a loyalty program and robust reporting. Our Business plan has unlimited users and access to all features, plus priority support.

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